Final Project for Core Moving Images Art285, Had to create a 2-5 minute piece on something that impacted us deeply. I chose to talk about when I lost someone due to suicide.

Clips that aren’t mine go to the original owners/creators:
Video by Engin Akyurt from Pexels – Waterfalls
Vimeo- Milky Way

Words I said:
Dear me,

This I write to you,
Of all the words I could have said, the degree of recklessness and naive tactics, I wish there is more I could’ve said.
Vast green forests and stargazing were always your favorite and his, your friend, a teacher, who took his life. He was so full of life and I felt invincible to the world, didn’t fully appreciate the world till after it happened, I had just existed. He had a family and so do you, never thought one day that would get ripped away. Shattered, a broken mess crying in the school corner you always sat in on the second floor, how to keep going when someone your family and you were close to is gone? I know part of you still hurts, like video games and anime, part of you wishes it was a dream. How to talk about it, the mundane routine continues, it helps. He loved various things like anime and history besides nature, star wars. I wish to release your pain, I had become a ‘fixer’ for a while, but now I create more freely, love with everything I have, even if communication isn’t a strong suit. Remember you will die, Memento Mori, but you are loved, he would want you to learn and keep growing. See the beauty in you.


You future self

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