That little effeminate cartoonish-looking knee bending gesture is actually a warning of an imminent charge. Not funny. What happened was that I pass an elephant herd approaching in a way to position myself as to see them with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background for photo but 2 or 3 safari tour vehicles approached by that time from behind as the herd was closer to me and y doing so they push the herd even much closer to me. Hence I was surrounded rapidly by 50 elephants or so. You can see at least the 2 largest matriarch elephants doing their knee bending move as an intimidation gesture, waving their tusks also. One in the mirror, one in front. They can easily tip a 4×4 over. By the time the second matriarch closing the herd as a rear guard did her 3rd warning move after hiding behind the mirror, I had already stopped filming and was driving at a crawl speed away not to provoke her charge.
One tourist was smashed to death into his vehicle 2 years or so before I went to Botswana in Chobe National Park in 2015 and I was told about it numerous times how the elephant just squeeze under its weight the roof of the SUV, killing the driver inside. As there are hundreds of elephants there, you find very often stuck too close of them for comfort. Addo National Park has same issues in South Africa, with full of tall trees hiding them until the last second. I am not planning to make the news anyhow but sometimes shit happens as they say in English. That was a good example of such occurrence.
So remember kids, don’t do this at home. And husbands in COVID-19 times, don’t annoy the matriarch at home. 😀

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